The world is going digital, what about your real estate management?

Embrace a simple yet modern solution.

How it works

  • 1
    Easy set up

    Easy set up

    Quick to install: your account is ready to go in less than 5 minutes!
  • 2
    Integrate your portfolio

    Integrate your portfolio

    Easily add all information related to your properties: address, owners, type of goods, contract.
  • 3
    Connect your bank account

    Connect your bank account

    Payments are tracked in near real-time directly in the app.
  • 4
    Instant and automated management

    Instant and automated management

    Delayed payments, indexations and terminations are handled automatically and all your documents saved in one spot.
  • 5
    That’s it! Time to relax now, everything is under control

    That’s it! Time to relax now, everything is under control

    No more stress, no more paperwork! Managing your real estate has never been so simple.

Payment management

Effortlessly track your finances
  • Bank connection

    Forget bank statements! Connect your bank account directly to the app and get an up-to-date view of tenant payments'.
  • Schedule reminders

    Each tenant is different, use our personalised reminders depending on the payment delay to save you even more time.
  • Repayment plan

    Each tenant is different, use our customisable reminder methods (e.g. SMS, email, registered letter) according to the payment delay.
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Automated tracking

Stay organised without wasting time.
  • Plan your rental

    Is a lease coming to an end? Get instantly notified of your upcoming rental events and plan the tasks necessary to optimize your income.
  • Don’t miss an indexation

    Smovin keeps you informed and does the calculation for you. The app prepares a pre-filled indexing letter, you just have to validate it, Smovin takes care of the rest.

Centralise control

Interact with your tenants from anywhere.
  • Communication

    Managing tenants and clients well also means frequent communicating. Smovin records all communication activities so you can keep track.
  • Paid invoices

    A detailed invoice history and statement of charges at your fingertips.
  • Address book

    Keep the contact details of all your tenants and clients in a digital address book.
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And much more

Monitor consumption

Track consumption history based on your EAN number.

Automate reports

Generate automatically professional and customised reports.

Digitise contracts

Download templates created by our legal experts.

Import invoices

Say goodbye to paper invoices and centralize all your documents.

Statements of charges

Complete your annual summary in minutes.

Commission invoices

Automatically calculate your commission and send the invoice via the app.

It's easy to get started!
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